Condemned to Thirst.

Let Us Guide You to a Better Way to Buy Wine

When it comes to buying wine, A.W.Co believes that you should not be limited to what can be found on the shelves of a wine shop or received through a wine club membership. We want to have a relationship with everyone that we do business with and curate wines specifically for you. Yes, we have wines on the shelf, but that is only scratching the surface of what you will have access to. Based on your preferences and individual taste, we will develop a procurement plan tailored to your needs. A.W.Co wants to open up the world of wine to you and then guide you through it.

Originally from Conway, South Carolina, Jason is a Certified Sommelier who moved to the Augusta area in 2011 to be a Sommelier for Augusta National Golf Club. Jason was in that role until March of 2020 when he took the position of Food and Beverage Director for Greenville Country Club in Greenville, South Carolina. Jason has been involved with food and beverage for fourteen Masters tournaments (2010-2023), six U.S. Opens (2014-2019), and one PGA Championship (2012). Through his experience of curating wines for members in private clubs and special events, Jason had the idea that the same service could exist outside the walls of a country club or private entity. That idea was the seed that grew into Augusta Wine Company. Aside from being a Sommelier, Jason is also a devoted husband, stepfather to three boys, avid golfer, outdoorsman, and finder/ collector of Native American artifacts.


Preston was born and raised in Augusta and continues to call it home. Preston graduated in 2019 from the University of Georgia with a business degree in marketing with a focus in professional sales and legal studies. While in college he was able to get a glimpse into the world of wine and through Jason; an opportunity emerged to experience more. Preston’s goals are to gain knowledge and expertise through Jason; eventually become a Certified Sommelier, and inevitably grow with A.W.Co. Being the General Operations Manager and part-owner He and the company hope to provide customers with the best experience they can have with wine, besides just drinking it. When he’s not working you can find him relaxing at the lake, playing video games or rooting for the Georgia Bulldogs.


Jason Jones
Preston Hutto

Expertly Curated Private Lockers

Personal Lockers with premium hand selected bottles tailored to your taste.

Our lockers allow individuals to store wines and access them when it is convenient for them and not adhere to normal operating hours. Locker owners will have key coded access to the building during designated time frames. Each locker is secured independently to keep your wine safe. We offer lockers of many different capacities to meet all needs. Locker ownership also comes with discounts on all your wine purchases!

The locker concept is one that works well for any individual that wants to curate wines remotely and pick them up after delivery. Think of it like a P.O. box for your wine!

The concept is also perfect for the individual who is only in town once a year for the tournament and needs to store wines for their hospitality ventures from one year to the next.

Inventory Management

A.W.Co can help manage your existing collection by monitoring your inventory and helping you determine which wines are ready to drink, which wines are past their prime, and how long you should age the younger wines.

Other services provided for cellars:

  • Digital inventory for your viewing, so that you know what you have.
  • Round out your collection by filling gaps left from lack of any grape varietals or wine styles.
  • Organization and cellar arrangement (find your wines faster and easier with our cellar arrangement philosophies).
  • Drink dates for individual wines. Know when to drink your wine and when you need to wait

Private Tastings

Private tastings can be booked and shaped to your needs and wants. We can book private tastings for small groups to cover a multitude of educational or recreational topics surrounding wine. Also see Event Curation.

Collection Curation

A.W.Co can build a procurement plan for individuals who are just beginning or adding to their collections. With any proposed budget, we can create a timeline, philosophy, and bottle count to then find the wines to fill your cellar. When planned correctly, you can have wines that are maturing each year and becoming ready to drink.

Personal Storage

With lockers of many different capacities, you will be able to store your collection in a secure environment. With key coded access, you can access your wines beyond the operating hours of A.W.Co.

Locker ownership also comes with discounts on all your wine purchases!

Event Curation

Having a special event or dinner? A.W.Co can help source and choose the wines for you. We can help decide the quantity and the styles of wines needed based on your menu, budget, and guest count.

Private tastings can be booked so that you are able to taste wines before you buy them. Just like a menu tasting with a chef for a wedding.